Should my business have more than one website?

For a variety of reasons, small and large businesses will often use more than one website or have several domain names registered. As a Knustford web design agency, we have inherited website projects in the past where we have found businesses have gone out and purchased every domain they can think of through misguidance. Inside […]

Knutsford Web Design Review: Link Building Techniques

The internet is built on links. As a Knutsford Web Agency, link building is a process that we have implemented for numerous websites over the years. Whilst link building remains a vital role in achieving good search engine rankings, just like anything in web, link building continues to evolve and change where the days of […]

Knutsford Web Agency Review – Is Your Website Catered to Colour Blind Users? 

According to statistics, approximately 1 in 12 men and around 1 in 200 women are affected by colour blindness. Across the UK, this means 4.5% of the entire population are affected in some capacity so for every 100 visitors that potentially land on your website, up to 8 of those visitors will experience your website […]