Canonical or 301 Redirects

Whether it’s a new website, a website restructure, a domain migration or even a good old fashioned website clean-up, at some stage you would have probably come across the word ‘redirect’. Redirects have been around within the web industry for a number of years with several key types. The most common is the 301 redirect […]

Google Analytics 101: Small Business Website Introduction

Google Analytics is an essential resource tool for every small business. However, the problem for many small business owners is that Google Analytics can instantly become a very intimidating and overwhelming headache upon first impressions. This is often the reason why small business owners will leave Google Analytics to whoever their local website design agency […]

5 reasons why people don’t buy from my e-commerce website

Are you investing your limited time and money on various AdWords, SEO or marketing campaigns in an effort to drive more visitors to your e-commerce website?! Well sadly, all those efforts could be going to complete waste if visitors are clicking and are not simply buying anything from it. Inside our latest web grower article, […]