Avada 5.0 has landed… What to expect in the latest major update

Avada 5.0 is finally here! After months of speculation, excitement and repeated testing delays, this is the latest significant update available to upgrade to since Avada 4.0 was released this past April. Inside the Avada 5.0 update, the sole focus has been centred around developing a user-friendly, yet very powerful Fushion Builder to present web […]

Twitter introduce advertising for small businesses

With over 313 million monthly active users sending 500 million tweets each day, I think it’s a fair assumption to guess people come to Twitter to instantly discover what’s happening in the world, to share information, and to more importantly interact and connect with people or businesses around the globe. From a freelance designer to […]

Will the new local search algorithm updates impact your website?

I’m sure like most local businesses; you like to keep an eye on how your website is ranking in local search engine competition from time-to-time right? Well sometimes, it doesn’t really matter how much effort we put into putting together a website marketing strategy, especially when Google holds the most important cards and a simple […]