Avada 4.0 is finally here

For those of you who know us… you will know how much we love testing out and implementing brand-new functionality to a customer’s website to make it look both visually stunning and present its own identity to our customers audience. After a delay, we are delighted to finally hear that Avada 4.0 has been released […]

Why page loading speed should be a top website priority

In a recent blog where we depicted several reasons why potential customers may be put off from converting, we briefly discussed how page loading speed may be an important factor. Without really offering much of an explanation why, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to expand and present the importance of page loading […]

What’s new inside WordPress 4.5?

Having surpassed numerous versions of beta testing with flying colours, web-developers alike are looking forward to the official release of WordPress 4.5 which is set to land on Tuesday 12th April. Although this may not mean much to you as a reader right now, as a Cheshire web design agency, we have a large volume […]