Introducing ‘Facebook Live’ streaming

Having led by example by purchasing live streaming platform apps such as Periscope and Maeekat, Twitter certainly gained a lot of mainstream recognition throughout 2015… Having predicted big things for Live Streaming in 2016, it was only a matter of time before rival social networking pioneers decided to catch up and that’s exactly what Facebook […]

Are image sliders good or bad for your website?

Let’s face it they are everywhere… I’m sure at some point you have come across many websites containing some type of image rotating slider that promotes some kind of promotional offer right? Well, whilst they are visually stunning and a great way to showcase content, image sliders can also cause nightmares from a web development […]

Tumblr for your small business

Following on from our ‘5 Website Trends to look for in 2016…’ blog, you may have noticed that we predicted big things for micro blogging platform Tumblr without really offering much of an explanation. Well inside our blog, we will offer an insight into Tumblr and explain how small businesses are using the social media […]