6 mistakes that may kill your local search traffic

Ok, so you have decided to start writing a blog for your website in an effort to improve your search engine rankings… Great! While in the past, writing and stuffing a blog with a few keywords may have been an effective strategy. Search Engines have come such a long way in returning high quality, local […]

Can Instagram grow your small business for free?

According to statistics provided by emarketer, Instagram will generate an estimated £385 Million in mobile and advertising revenue worldwide in 2015. Predictions are also forecasting that Instagram’s global mobile advertising revenue will reach nearly £2 Billion by 2017. Driven by high demand for the social network’s new advertising products, Instagram has grown almost 50% in […]

Upcoming features inside the new WordPress 4.3 release

Following the highly successful release of WordPress 4.2 this past spring, the official WordPress 4.3 release is now in final beta testing before its expected release in August. Inside the new release, WordPress developers have outlined focus around enhanced mobile experience, improved admin user interface, stronger password protection and customizer improvements. Although some of these […]

5 Reasons why your small business needs a Word Press website

As a Cheshire web-design agency, we often receive enquires from small businesses who are looking for either a complete website re-build or want to make their website mobile friendly. Following first point of contact, sometimes we are left amazed as to how some small businesses with websites have no absolutely no control on how to […]

A beginner’s introduction to LinkedIn Showcase Pages

The Objective As a Cheshire web-design agency, our objective is always looking out for ways on how we can not only increase brand awareness, but how we can also drive more traffic to our website and ultimately increase sales. It doesn’t matter if you are a local butchers based in Hale or multi-national company based […]

Pinterest set to rival Google with online purchasing

Following the news from Google on their plans to add ‘Buy Now’ buttons to search engine results in the near future, it appears as if they now have direct competition in corning online sales as photo-sharing giants Pinterest reveal similar plans. This month, Pinterest unveiled plans to introduce ‘Buyable Pins’, a way which users will […]

Windows 10 Preview: Are You Ready?

If you are currently running Windows 7 or up to Windows 8.1 like me, chances are you may have started to notice a new Windows icon appears at the bottom of your computer screen that kind of looks like the one used above this paragraph. Well following months of speculation surrounding the release of the […]

Google set to introduce ‘Buy now’ button for search results

Hot off the press from last week’s developer’s conference, Google finally confirmed their plans to introduce the forthcoming ‘Buy Now’ button which certainly sparked the key talking point amongst major online retailers. The announcement was seen as a move made by Google to try and tackle Amazon who is still considered to be the biggest […]

4 Secrets on Writing the Perfect Blogging Headline

80% of your readers will never make it past reading your headline. It’s a scary statistic but on average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline copy but only 2 out of that 10 will start to read the rest of your blog. At this time of writing, there have already been over […]

Tutorial: Writing your own Search Engine Result descriptions

There is nothing more frustrating than browsing through dozens of search engine results and finding nothing. Especially when you stumble across a search result that matches the exact description or keywords you search for and it turns out to be a website with no relevance! Don’t worry, you are not the first and you certainly […]

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google + Reviews

If you think about it, why do reading customer reviews play such an important role in making our simple everyday decisions? When you are looking to try a new restaurant, do you take a look on Trip Adviser before booking? When you want to see a movie, do you use IMDB to see how other […]

YouTube Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

This week marked the 10 year anniversary of one of the most iconic, influential and game-changing websites to ever exist on the World Wide Web. Video sharing giants YouTube celebrated a decade in making history by uploading the first ever video content to exist on the world’s most popular online video platform. Created in February […]

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