5 Websites Trends in 2016…

With 2015 now almost in the history books, looking back it has been a pretty huge year for any business with a website. We oversaw some significant changes such as the introduction of Windows 10, YouTube celebrate their tenth year anniversary and most importantly Google decision to favour mobile optimized websites which was poorly dubbed […]

An introduction to Google Answer Box

So have you ever found yourself starting to type a random question into Google and mid-way through been presented with the exact answer that you were looking for? Don’t worry; this isn’t any kind of black magic or anybody tapping into your search engine history. As a matter of fact, it’s actually a very powerful […]

Is WhatsApp suitable for business?

Since 2014, WhatsApp has certainly gained a lot of mainstream attention. Acquired by Facebook for an eye-watering estimated £16 Billion dollars in February 2014, WhatsApp has quickly become the world’s fastest communication application with over 900 million users. With more than 70% of monthly WhatsApp users active on a daily basis, over 30 Million messages […]