WordPress 4.4 has landed – What’s inside the latest update?

Hot off the press! This week WordPress finally introduced the first instalment of WordPress 4.4! Although the latest update is in its earliest beta testing stage, the release is now available for web developers and WordPress user enthusiasts to play around with before its scheduled release date on December 8th 2015. Although some of these […]

‘Dislike’ Button will be coming to Facebook

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg made a blockbuster announcement by revealing that Facebook will finally be adding a ‘Dislike’ button. Held at Facebook’s headquarters based in California, the founder of Facebook mentioned during a Q&A session that the social media platform were “very close” to having something ready for user testing which will be rolled out […]

Can Snapchat work for Small Businesses?

As a Cheshire based web-design agency, we are always exploring various social media trends to see how effective they can be as a potential lead to customers. I’m sure the majority of you reading this that have an iPhone or Android device will have come across the teenage photo-sharing phenomenon Snapchat. Inside our blog, we […]