Firefox Change Default Search Engine Google Fights Back!

In November, the web industry witnessed an unexpected change following the sudden announcement that Yahoo had agreed a five-year partnership with Mozilla to make Yahoo the default search browser across all Firefox mobile and desktop devices. This action took place in the US from December 1st 2014 on the new Firefox 34 update. Since its […]

Local SEO Business Case Study – A&M Marquee

Progress of the keywords 'Cheshire Marquee Hire' In recent blog entries, you have most likely seen a lot of focus on Local SEO with plenty of hints and advice on how any small Cheshire business can boost web performance. As a web-design agency in Cheshire, not only can we provide web design or web performance […]

Small Cheshire Business SEO Starter Checklist

Over the last few weeks, I have written a couple of SEO themed blogs which have targeted how any small Cheshire-based businesses can improve their presence in local search engine results. As a small Cheshire-based web design business ourselves, we always have to keep our fingers on the ever-changing pulse of Search Engine Optimisation so […]

Google introduces No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

You have probably come across the frustrating spam and robot CAPTCHA challenge thousands of times before when browsing online. When filling out information, you are greeted with words or numbers that you have to type in that are either blurry, wavy or have lines through before you can submit your details. From a small business […]

6 reasons why your small business needs LinkedIn

According to statistics provided by Alexa, whilst social networking platforms Twitter & Facebook continue to be the most popular, behind the scenes LinkedIn has been growing at a rapid pace which has now seen 2 new members joining the revolution every second. With over 187 monthly active users worldwide, LinkedIn has certainly proven to have […]