Google Apps for Work replaces Google Enterprise

In web performance industry news, earlier this month Google announced the rebranding of its Google Enterprise Cloud Services with a new name and a new brand that would provide better accessibility and appeal towards smaller businesses. With more than 5 million smaller businesses now operating with Google, Google has replaced Google Enterprise with Google Apps […]

White, Grey and Black Hat SEO techniques explained

White, Grey and Black Hat SEO Techniques Explained Having attended a recent business seminar conducted by Connecting Cheshire, we were presented with the terms ‘White Hat’ and ‘Black Hat’ SEO. The majority of the businesses in attendance knew of SEO, but these terms seemed to throw them. As a web agency based in Cheshire, we […]

What organic effects can social media have on your business?

After watching that video, you will hopefully agree that the statistics and use of social media is simply frightening. Social media has such an impact on our daily lives that you start to forget that it’s everywhere; it’s used on television, in education, for politics and even in the job market. As a Knutsford based […]