The Murray Parish Trust Commission Green Light

Following the successful launch of the brand-new GSL Global Coatings website, the projects continue to flourish here following the news that untitled™ have been commissioned to develop a brand new charity foundation website for ‘The Murray Parish Trust’. The Murray Parish Trust was created and established by James Murray and Sarah Parish – husband & […]

Typosquatting – Are squatters targeting your website traffic?

You have probably experienced this scenario at least a thousand times before when browsing the web. Instead of searching for a website, you decide to manually type the URL into the address bar but accidentally make a slightly spelling mistake Well don’t worry, you are not alone here. Based from an Online Study conducted in […]

Global wet paint specialists engage untitled™

With the finishing line in sight, untitled™ are thrilled to introduce a lovely new client who have state of the art ‘wet paint’ facilities based right here in Knutsford. GSL Global Coating, the industry coating and wet paint specialists, carry out professional coating & surface preparation for a wide range of clients who primarily operate […]