Is your Email Signature a missed marketing opportunity?

With the evolution of online communication, web performance strategies such as SEO friendly written content such as blogs or social networking sites such as Twitter or Google+ have dominated online marketing strategies. Now considered a forgotten marketing tool, the email signature is perhaps the most efficient of all when you consider the low-cost, high-return strategy. […]

Local SEO: Google My Business Review

Over the last few weeks, I have written many blogs that target and contain helpful tips for any small business based in Cheshire and how they can start to increase web performance by implementing free local SEO strategies. Inside these blogs I have preached about the introduction of ‘Google My Business’, the essential starting point […]

7 Completely Free Local SEO Business Directories

Remember the days of when you needed an emergency local plumber and you had to flip through hundreds of pages in the local listings directory? Well in today’s climate, paperback listings seem to be a distant memory with customers now turning to local search engines as Google now performs over 2 million searches every minute. […]

5 Free Local SEO Small Business Tips

If you are a small Cheshire based business looking to maximise your web performance and looking to increase your search engine presence, Local SEO could be just the thing for you! To simplify things, local SEO is all about targeting and improving smaller local business, by helping them to rank well in local search engine […]

How a small business can gain twitter followers

  Before this summer, I found myself sitting in the exact same situation as you, asking the exact same questions you have. How can I gain more twitter followers? How can twitter generate sales for a small business and finally how can twitter increase web performance for a Cheshire based small business? After attending a […]

Can your business benefit from a scrolling website?

In this ever changing battle, all companies are searching and competing for the answer to separate themselves from the competition. No longer will the generic website format for promotion separate you from your competitors but scrolling websites have proven themselves as a strong answer to this! Scrolling websites expand the creative potential of your website […]

iOS 8 Mobile Web Performance Review

Apple has always been known for its sleek, stylish design throughout its entire product collection, ranging from the iPhone to the iMac. Although beautiful to look at with its brushed aluminium and space age materials, the beauty doesn't just stop there. With a release of IOS 7 in 2013 Apple products underwent a complete restyling […]

5 SEO content writing tips you should avoid

Last month, our Cheshire-based web performance team wrote a beginners guide on how you can construct the perfect content for your website, blog or news feed. Whilst some businesses prefer to write their own SEO-friendly website content, there are many common SEO mistakes that can be made that you might not even be aware of. […]

Google Algorithms Discussed & Explained

Searching for any kind of information using the internet is something that many of us take for granted. I don’t think we realise just how reliant we are on using search engines in our daily lives. According to Internet Live Stats, over 40,000 search queries happen every second on average with a further 1.2 Trillion […]

Google Apps for Work replaces Google Enterprise

In web performance industry news, earlier this month Google announced the rebranding of its Google Enterprise Cloud Services with a new name and a new brand that would provide better accessibility and appeal towards smaller businesses. With more than 5 million smaller businesses now operating with Google, Google has replaced Google Enterprise with Google Apps […]

White, Grey and Black Hat SEO techniques explained

White, Grey and Black Hat SEO Techniques Explained Having attended a recent business seminar conducted by Connecting Cheshire, we were presented with the terms ‘White Hat’ and ‘Black Hat’ SEO. The majority of the businesses in attendance knew of SEO, but these terms seemed to throw them. As a web agency based in Cheshire, we […]

What organic effects can social media have on your business?

After watching that video, you will hopefully agree that the statistics and use of social media is simply frightening. Social media has such an impact on our daily lives that you start to forget that it’s everywhere; it’s used on television, in education, for politics and even in the job market. As a Knutsford based […]

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