Great YouTube Module

What a day. Just about everything that could did! But my day was not a total disaster, my sense of accomplishment came from configuring the new YouTube module for where i used this YouTube module and got the most fantastic support from Nigel who made any communication a walk in the park. Doesn’t it […]

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. If you search Google for information and it gave irrelevant search results (you searched for apples and it showed you websites for tractors) you would stop using it pretty quickly, which in turn means the advertisers (like the results down the right of the page) would stop advertising with […]

How to choose my Keywords ?

Keyword strategy. Basically this what your whole Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activity will revolve around. It’s the matching of ‘what you do’ with ‘what people search for’. This might sound a little complex, it’s not, but it is very important to get this clarity at the beginning, as everything else stems from it. First I’d […]

Get your website fit for the search engines

We now have a sister business that will produce an audit on you website that allows you to better manage the resources used to market your site

Adding PayPal buttons to a DNN page

I found this fantastic article on John Mitchells blog HowTo: put PayPal Buy Now buttons in your DotNetNuke Portal You can do this with a simple javascript trick. Step 1 Remove the <form></form> tags from your PayPal “Buy Now” code. Step 2 Add onClick=”this.form.action=’’ this.form.submit();” to the buy now input button. Step 3 Paste what […]

How to use Microsoft 2007 to make postings on your DNN (DotNetNuke) Blog

When logged on as an administrator, go the blog modules admin settings and select “Edit Blog Settings”.   On the settings page you will see “MetaWeblog Options”. Copy the URL (website address).   Go to Word and select “Publish” > “Blog”   From the drop down select “Other”   From the API drop down select […]

PassPack Review

Solution for : Password Management Price : Free then tiered up to $40 a months Mobile Version : Yes Desktop Version : Yes Integration with other WebApps: No Address : In a world where it seems that, by the day, we seem to have yet another password to remember, it gets to the point […]

Salamander Group engage

Salamander Group’s new Managing Director, Mark Todman, made immediate impact by commissioning the Knutsford based web development agency to develop their new corporate website and product brand strategy. Mark, having joined Salamander Group in early January, engaged the team to bring clarity and credibility to their web presence as part of the overall marketing […]