Get a website’s fav icon

We wanted to automatically gather the fav icon from sites we have created which is what is used in this site to show “latest projects”.  But in the process found this great little webapp that will automatically get any fav icons from a website

Online OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

I was recently sent a pdf and because the text was over a block of colour I was unable to copy and paste from it as it was unable to see the text for me to select it. Just before I was about to type it all up I thought “OCR”+”web apps”, there has to […]

Knutsford Heritage Centre select a local team

Having lived, schooled and worked in Knutsford, the passion and local knowledge of directors JJ Wemyss and James Cox help win the contract for the Knutsford Heritage Centre's new website. The new project aims to drive online and offline traffic to the variety of events, walks and local campaigns that the Knutsford Heritage Centre […]

Team Update

Congratulations to James and Laura on the birth of baby Harriet 'Hattie' Cox at 7.22pm on Thursday 12th January. Mother and baby doing extremely well.