Fourth Hospitality launch new brand at their client conference

After weeks of design, development and late nights, we launched the new brand in time for Fourth's first Customer Conference in front of 300 delegates in the IMAX Cinema at the London Science Museum. The untitled™ team not only delivered the new logo, corporate identity, corporate strap line, but also a striking animation to launch […]

Purple Cat Education goes Purple

Purple Cat, the 'online shop for all of your education art and craft supplier' launched its fabulous new e-commerce website. If you are in need of art and craft supplies for your school, college or nursery why not take a look.

Fourth Hospitality appoint untitled™

Fourth Hospitality, the world’s leading provider of cloud based software management solutions to the hospitality industry, have appointed the team at untitled™ to design and deliver their new Brand, Corporate Identity and Website. “I am delighted that we will be working with this fabulous company, who provide SaaS solutions to many of the leading businesses […]

Cookie Laws – What is going on?

Back in May, we wrote about the new Cookie laws. Firstly, I just want to make a quick reminder; it is not actually a law specific to Cookies, it is actually a law on ePrivacy, and Cookies happen to fall under that heading. On the 25th May 2012 the ePrivacy laws came into effect; that […]

Our knowledge so far with Google Penguin

What does Google Penguin mean? Penguin (also referred to as “webspam algorithm update.”) was the code name used by Google for the new algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012 and has been put together to address some issues, Google have stated and maintain, that their intent is to stop website operators overly […]

Why do SME’s need Servers?

Firstly, I have to point out that I am not an IT expert, HOWEVER I do own and run a small business, and I work with a large number of other small and medium businesses on a daily basis. And in these tough times, it always amazes me at the number of clients we talk […]

What is SEO really, what’s it all for, why is it so complicated?

I posted a article on “What is SEO“, but actually I was probably still a bit too technical. I think I missed out explaining the bigger picture. I have said it before and nothing I have ever read changes this view, remove all the technical guff and expert TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms…sorry entertaining myself!), Google's, […]

EU Cookie Law – ePrivacy

Let me start by saying ‘what a mine field’, if you’re confused and no idea what is going on, trust me  you are not alone…..I shall try and bring some non technical explanations to what this law means. But before I begin, you will notice that at the bottom of this page you will see […]

Great YouTube Module

What a day. Just about everything that could did! But my day was not a total disaster, my sense of accomplishment came from configuring the new YouTube module for where i used this YouTube module and got the most fantastic support from Nigel who made any communication a walk in the park. Doesn’t it […]

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. If you search Google for information and it gave irrelevant search results (you searched for apples and it showed you websites for tractors) you would stop using it pretty quickly, which in turn means the advertisers (like the results down the right of the page) would stop advertising with […]

How to choose my Keywords ?

Keyword strategy. Basically this what your whole Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activity will revolve around. It’s the matching of ‘what you do’ with ‘what people search for’. This might sound a little complex, it’s not, but it is very important to get this clarity at the beginning, as everything else stems from it. First I’d […]

Get your website fit for the search engines

We now have a sister business that will produce an audit on you website that allows you to better manage the resources used to market your site

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